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Making Arrangements for Exotic Hunting

TWG.TRAVEL helps you navigate the complex process of transporting firearms before your exotic hunt. You can't beat our 24/7 support while traveling, as we have a friendly staff on hand at all times to respond to your calls or emails in a timely manner. Other features of our travel services include:

»  Handling Arrangements, Airfare, & Accommodations
»  Real-Time Tracking of Lost or Stolen Luggage via Blue Ribbon Bag
»  Travel Insurance Geared towards Hunters (Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance)

Travel with Your Own Gun

When it comes to air travel while transporting guns, especially in today's security climate, you need a team with experience in negotiating discounted rates with airlines. Our staff knows the ins and outs of airline regulations in detail, and this makes all the difference when transporting your gun and ammo by air. Whether you want the full, seamless experience or just some helpful information, we strive to make your trip one to remember.


Airline Gun Declaration Rules & Requirements

While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) establishes general safety guidelines, each airline may incorporate unique procedures and rules. All airlines have specific instruction for packaging firearms and ammunition, and many require advance notification when traveling with firearms. Some airlines even levy an additional fee for transporting firearms. TWG.TRAVEL arranges the details according to your travel plans, so you remember where you went, not how you got there!

Customs Paperwork

The Right Airline

Looking for the best rates, the best connection, or the best customer service? We find the right airline for your needs. Arranging air travel to and from your hunt has never been easier thanks to our strong relationships with various airlines. If you are planning a safari hunt in an exotic location, you are in the best of hands with TWG.TRAVEL

Customs & Immigration Laws

Keeping up with customs and immigrations regulations by country can overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler. We quickly let you know which weapons are permitted or prohibited by the country in which you're hunting. Take the guess work out of your arrival, and have our staff walk you through every detail without any surprises.